First impressions are usually correct and reliable.

First impressions are usually correct and reliable.
And so it was with my first phone introduction to Miss Dani Wood. Although it has been a short association, I am pleased to record that a lovely young lady with outstanding interactive qualities with a personality, sincerity and professionalism I had the good fortune of meeting.
Miss Wood has guided and advised me throughout my introduction to the CPAP machine, more so that the hospitals sleep study nursing staff, at the Prince Charles Hospital, by this comment I do not mean to demean the nurses, because they do a marvellous job.
The special attention afforded me by Miss Wood has come at a time when all became somewhat of an ordeal for me. Especially since having a pacemaker fitted as recently as February this year.
Sorry, I must digress a little here, twelve months ago exactly I had cataract surgery done on both eyes within a week of each other. This in turn led to problems caused I am sure by the anaesthetic administered. To cut a long story short, (having never experienced heart related problems), suddenly I was faced with the fact that it was necessary to be fitted with a Pacemaker. This prompted the Cardiac Team at the Prince Charles Hospital to book me in for an appointment at the sleep study clinic. After the overnight sleep study monitoring, the results precipitated a further urgent overnight study. This in turn resulted in the recommendations of hiring a CPAP machine for two months prior to the hospital supplying me with a machine.
This is where I had the good fortune of contacting Miss Wood after many negative phone called with CPAP dealers and being disheartened along the way.
In conclusion I would like to say or recommend Miss Wood to anyone. Having arrived at my 79th year and been in business all my life, I have never felt so positive in making this statement in the past.
A true ray of sunshine, or equally a bright shining star.

fromĀ Ernest E

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